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Want to get the best results possible? Then follow these tips!

10 Quick Steps to Keto Success

1. Limit your net carbs to 20 grams a day.

2. Eat More Fat. (Shoot for at least .68 grams of fat per pound you weigh)

3. Don't stress about protein. (Keto foods will take care of your protein needs. Eat up to .68 grams of protein per pound you weight.)

4. Eat your first meal after 12:00 pm

5. Eat your last meal before 8:00 pm

6. If you are not hungry do not eat! (Eat 2 meals a day, limit your snacking.)

7. Increase your Electrolytes (Sodium 2,500mg of, Potassium 1000mg+, Magnesium 300mg+ or more a day)

8. Drink more water. (Consistent light yellow pee.)

9. Exercise more. (20 minutes 5 times a week at a  minimum.)

10. Get more sleep. (6 hour per night at a minimum.)

Bonus: Test- See if your doing it right and in ketosis. Blood test is the most accurate. Make sure to only test when you have not taken Exogenous Ketones that day.)